Take Fact or Myth Quiz

Read the book to find out which are facts and which are myths!

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1. If children can “sound out” the words, then children can “read”?

2. “Earlier is better” when it comes to learning to read?

3. Listening to classical music will make your child smarter?

4. Smaller words are easier to read?

5. It’s “cheating” to tell your child the words that he or she gets “stuck” on?

6. If your child can repeat a sentence out loud then he or she understands its meaning?

7. Telling children facts will make them smarter?

8. It is cheating to look at the pictures to figure out what the words say or mean?

9. Early Childhood programs that focus on learning the “ABC’s” and reading are more educational than programs that focus on play?

10. It is better for your child to read to you than for you to read to your child?

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